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About Our Pies:

12” hand tossed, thin crust pies made with fresh dough and sauces / No substitutions on specialty pizzas (Add $1.00 for 1/2 and 1/2 pizzas )

Thai Chicken

Housemade peanut sauce, green curry chicken, red pepper, carrots, cilantro, and green onion


Fresh chopped garlic, spinach, mushrooms, sun dried tomato, fresh basil and green onion, Parmesan and feta cheeses

Das Uber Schwein

"The Super Pig" Slow-cooked pork shoulder, honey-cured bacon, red onion, roasted garlic cloves, jalapenos, pineapple with BBQ sauce base

The Cougar

A meat extravaganza! Sausage, bacon, pepperoni, peppered ham and linguica

Ham & Pineapple

Pepperoni, Olive & Mushroom

Build your own pizza

{ Choose from these toppings }

Artichoke hearts 1.25

Bacon (Honey cured) 1.25

Feta cheese 1.25

Fresh basil 1.25

Fresh mushrooms 1.25

Green onion 1.25

Italian Sausage (Hill Meat Co.) 1.25

Jalapeno 1.25

Linguica 1.25

Olives (black) 1.25

Olives (kalamata) 1.25

Parmesan (shaved) 1.25

Peppered ham 1.25

Pepperoni 1.25

Pineapple 1.25

Red bell pepper 1.25

Red onion 1.25

Roasted garlic cloves 1.25

Spinach 1.25

Sun dried tomato 1.25

Tomato (cooked) 1.25

Tomato (fresh) 1.25